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Water Resource Program

The Water Resource Program (WRP) of the Environment Division is charged with the duty to protect, preserve and enhance the water resources of Akwesasne for future enjoyment and use by tribal members.

SRMT is a federally recognized tribe with Treatment-as-State (TAS) status under the Clean Water Act. In 2007 USEPA approved the Tribe’s water quality standards following a lengthy inter-governmental review and public comment period. The Tribe has the sovereign responsibility to make water quality determinations under Section 401 of the Clean Water Act. Primary funding for WRP comes from the Clean Water Act sections 104, 106 and 319. Other projects are funded by competitive grants.

The Tribe has a longstanding partnership with the US Geological Survey to restore the fishery in Akwesasne for native fish species. These projects include the reintroduction of Atlantic salmon (extirpated from the St. Lawrence River), lake sturgeon habitat rehabilitation in the St. Regis River, and the assessment of threatened and endangered species in the St Lawrence River.

Jim Snyder, Technician (water quality and fisheries),
James Costello, Technician (wetlands and herps)
Dylan Herne, Water Quality Technician
Tony David, Program Manager

Current Projects

Surface Water Monitoring

Non-point Source Pollutant Mitigation

Fisheries Activities

Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe Environment Division